Percilla Ann Marie April-Hodge died from Pneumococcal Meningitis on July 26, 2018. Her impact on everyone she encountered will never be forgotten.
Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes
What are symptoms of meningitis? 


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“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.”

~ Marian Wright Edelman


“There is a reason Emily is gone. I need to help people, she needs to help people by teaching them to prevent others from feeling this terrible pain that my family feels. Get your kids vaccinated and know the symptoms.”
Alicia StillmanDirector & Co-Founder, Emily Stillman Foundation
Alicia Stillman
“We lost our son…we decided we wanted to do something to really make a difference because he died from Meningitis. It (Meningitis) can kill you within hours. My son went to the clinic that morning about 9:00 and they treated him for flu like symptoms. Three hours later he was rushed to the hospital and within 8 minutes of being admitted he died.”
Greg WilliamsFounder, The Nico Williams Foundation
Greg Williams
“My son Chris was not feeling well…When his dad went to check on him to see if he was getting dressed, he found him on the bed and Chris said, “Dad, I can’t feel my feet.” The paramedics were immediately called, the paramedic rushed him to the hospital and one of the paramedics had a feeling that it might be Meningitis and he demanded a spinal tap be given at the hospital…we were fortunate, we at least knew what killed our son. I needed to let other parents know about a disease I didn’t really know a lot about…”
Leslie MaierPresident, The National Meningitis Association
Leslie Maier
“…The doctor in the emergency room told me she suspected Kimberly had Bacterial Meningitis.
I told the doctor that can’t be possible because I made sure Kim was vaccinated, including the Meningitis vaccine. What I didn’t know was that the vaccine she received did not protect her from Meningitis B…By the time she got to ICU her organs were failing, it was later determined she was brain dead. As parents what we do is protect our family. And what better way to do that than through vaccination. We actually have the power to prevent a disease.”
Patti WukovitsFounder & Executive Director of the Kimberly Coffey Foundation
Patti Wukovits
“I started the PAMAH Foundation after my wife passed away from Meningitis in 2018. My wife was 27 years old, she had no prior health conditions and it snuck up on us and took her life within 24 hours…we’re trying to raise awareness and raise funds for research as well as to help families who’ve been affected by this disease…That’s the reason this cause is near and dear to my heart…If you want to learn more or you want to be involved ; if you want to join the movement, the Meningitis Movement, please reach out to us and do what you can. Follow us on social media and we thank you for your support!”
Shaquille HodgeFounder & Chariman of the Board, The PAMAH Foundation
Shaquille Hodge