About Our Logo

Korey Hodge – age 7

The Story Behind Our Logo

Korey was 5 years old when his mom, Percilla, passed away from Pneumococcal Meningitis. Korey is a quiet soul. You can often find him in his room drawing pictures or playing with dinosaurs.

At a meeting to discuss the formation of the PAMAH Foundation, Korey tugged on his dad’s sleeve and asked a very interesting question. Korey asked, “Daddy, can we give mommy a mushroom (like on MarioKart) so she can come back to life?”

From this question, Shaquille designed the PAMAH Foundation logo – the outstretched hand and the mushroom. Shaquille explained to Korey, unfortunately, the mushroom would not bring his mommy back to life. But there may be a way to use the mushroom to help other people not lose their mommies. The rest is history.