Cultivating Compassion

I heard something the other day that made me think about the current climate in our country. I was attending a virtual fundraising class, and the instructor posed this question: “How does one cultivate compassion?” He discussed practical ways that nonprofits could cultivate compassion, whereby achieving its goals.  I became distracted as the term itself gave me pause. Luckily for me, the course was recorded. If I did not have the opportunity to go back and revisit the course, I would have lost out on the chance to understand what the instructor was teaching that day. Once I logged off of the virtual meeting, I decided to investigate the term “cultivating compassion.” To cultivate, according to Merriam-Webster, is”to prepare or […]

PAMAH’s World

Hello! We appreciate your visit to our site. I hope that you’ve had an opportunity to take a look around and familiarize yourself with all of the information available. I would ask that you visit often. This big world we live in is getting smaller by the day. For those of us who have been affected by our experience with Meningitis, the world is even smaller. It’s been my experience, information is ever-changing. And that’s why we’re here! We want you to know all about Meningitis. Knowledge is POWER! Here at PAMAH, we are just at the beginning of this journey. Our hope and prayers are you will choose to travel this road with us. I want this blog to be […]